Numerous awards since 2001, including • the American Pastel Society Prize at the Giverrny Pastel Art Fair (2017) • the Second Prize in the "Abstract" category, the Open Online Pastel Guild Competition of Europe (2018) • the Prize of the town hall, Festival of Saint Agne (2019) ...
A self taught painter, he has drawn since childhood. He started by getting proficient in many techniques: pencil, gouache, ink, water colours, red chalk drawing and more but has finally come to prefer oil painting, a technique he has worked in now for many years. In the 1990s he made 2 discoveries : on the one hand the works of old pastel masters such as: Quentin de La Tour, Chardin, Degas, Mary Cassat; on the other those of contemporary pastellists exhibiting together every summer in Feytiat in the Limousin.
The freshness and the purity of pastel works and the immediate effect that one achieves when applying pastel to paper are among the characteristics, which motivated him to try this technique. Pastellism, which is part of both drawing and painting, enchanted him. In 2007, working with master pastellists, he perfected his art. Adopting definitively the soft pastel, he participes in numerous shows of pastellists.
In 2012 he obtains the 2nd prize in the competition "Discovered by the most beautiful talents" and becomes a member of the Pastellists Society of France.
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the artist
Yves Serny was born in Villegly in the French department of the Aude. After a career in public service, he has now retired in his department. His works can be seen at his own personal exhibitions. In the last ten years He has also taken part in many public exhibitions in both the Languedoc and Midi-Pyrenees regions, where he has been awarded many prizes.